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Brain Tumor Treatment - Gamma ART 6000
Rotating Gamma System Radiosurgery

{Patient having Brain Tumor Treatment with Rotating Gamma System GammaART 6000 Radiosurgery.}

As of 3/2016, this is the only machine of this model in the Midwest, with two units operating in the United States. The device is located in the Stereotactic Radiosurgery Institute at the Advanced Radiation Oncology Center in Gurnee, Illinois. The design of this unique machine started with concepts from the older Gamma Knife and LINAC technologies. Two generations of patented improvements resulted in the Gamma ART 6000 model of the Rotating Gamma System from American Radiosurgery Incorporated. This is the only Gamma based radiosurgery System produced by a manufacturer in the United States. The system has mechanical accuracy specifications matching the Gamma Knife, with multiple technical advantages.

This FDA approved device allows treatment of all conditions treated with the Gamma Knife. The Gamma ART 6000 has capabilites and features that, combined with our extensive experience, have allowed successful treatment of selected conditions even if the were turned down by Gamma Knife sites because of the Gamma Knife site limitations.

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